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20150224 103459

We are in Belgium since Sunday, and as expected, the weather isn't good every time. Yesterday we did a pleasure loop trying our new Colnago bikes. And today we planned a hard training, but we didn't because of bad weather. However, we climbed the Kopperberg, one of the hardest walls of the Tour of Flanders. I think is not well appreciated on TV or pictures how hard it is, not only by the slope or how long is the climb, but wet cobblestones do impossible to rise on the bike and we must to climb seated. Many of us don't have enough strength to climb well and have uploaded a piece walking. But it was more difficult to arrive on top walking because of the grass growing among cobbles is very slippery and we walk with creek.

The rest of the training was very cold, with a hard wind and rainning, but we reached the hotel all safe. In the end everything was laughter by the faces full of mud and dirt.

In the evenings we do some games. Yesterday we had to change a tyre as fast as possible and today the first challenge consisted of dressing as quickly as possible (I won with a time of 3'03 ") and the second challenge consisted on balance on the bike. I've been in this third but the other two (Giorgia Bronzini and Jolin D'hoore) come from the track and have great technique on the bike, so...it's more meritorious for me. :p


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