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I write these lines with enthusiasm, nervousness and some sorrow at the same time... After eleven years in professional cycling and 25 years since I started cycling school, it's time to say goodbye to the competition.

I've lived really different last season because of my pregnancy, and although I thought after having my baby I could return to the competition, now I just want to be with my family and I donĀ“t feel ready and motivated for another season as a professional cyclist.

It has been a decade dedicated to cycling, in which I've lived unique and extraordinary experiences such as participating in some Giro d'Italia and Olympic Games, and I have had the good fortune to meet incredible people. Now I can only thank cycling for the values of effort, perseverance and overcoming that it has taught me during all these years and that will surely help me in my new life.

I want to thank also all those people who have been by my side during these years. So many important people who have accompanied me, supported and encouraged me to achieve each of my goals ... I don't forget anyone and although I do not name everyone here, I would like to make special mention to my parents, for all the effort and sacrifice that they have done from the beginning to accompany me in each of the important moments; my sister, my number one fan; Juan Carlos, for trusting in me and supporting me to keep fighting when the injuries did not even let me walk; Elorriaga family and Denis, for those wonderful years in Bizkaia-Durango; David, for teaching me to really suffer on my bike and accompany me as many times as I needed to never stop; and my husband, my fundamental pillar in this moment of change so important in my life.

Finally, I thank Rochelle for trusting me in recent years and give me the opportunity to be part of one of the best teams in the world, such as the Wiggle-High5.

I say goodbye to the competition with the feeling of having given everything at every moment, happy with my sports career and very happy. Now I start a new stage in which I hope to continue close to cycling and I hope to be able to convey to the youngest the same passion for this sport that someone transmitted to me long time ago.



© 2014 Anna Sanchis