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20140712 104730

Today I come back to the route. First day training, very easy, flat and very slow. I went out this morning with the idea of doing a long ride, slow but long ride. Sometimes I forget my accident two weeks ago and I think I'm healty now...but suddenly I felt that I must to be very careful. My collarbone is better every day, but it's not totally recovered. I can't stand up on the bike and I can't exert force with my arm. I've spent two weeks on the couch, and now it costs start with a normal routine and not suffer.

But worst of all is not pain, which eventually becomes a nuisance, the worst is to see how much change my performance in two weeks. The same I did two weeks ago like a easy ride, today it was a threshold training.

By now I will not make plans to train these weeks or to come back race. I will do every day as I feel my collarbone, and I will decide, with my team, the perfect moment to come back when I'm able to train normally.


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