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My first race this year and victory for WiggleHondaTeam. It's the best start of the season for me. The race was 116km, 4 laps of 29km each one and two GPM.

Our tactic was do second lap full gas, break the bunch and Joline and Audrey must to be in front at the end and try to win. On this team, we work all together every time. We know who is the best each race and all other mates work hard for her without hesitation

It was my first race this year and I'm not on fit, I need training and racing more. Is different rhythm training and racing, but I know I will be better every week. I worked for my mates during first two laps, on the second climb of second lap it was the most important moment. I couldn't stay on the first group with 18 riders, but I was not worried about it, my job was done. Since this moment, I stayed on the main peloton until the finish line.

When we cross the finish line, we knew Audrey won and Joline finish 4th. What a great new!! We were very happy, our director sportive was proud of all of us, and Audrey too. Every day, I think I'm very lucky to be part of this team.

My next race will be on Italy, next Sunday, world Cup in Cittiglio, Italia.


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