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    Simplemente, GRACIAS!!


    I write these lines with enthusiasm, nervousness and some sorrow at the same time... After eleven years in professional cycling and 25 years since I started cycling school, it's time to say goodbye to the competition.

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    Day 1...


    Today I come back to the route. First day training, very easy, flat and very slow. I went out this morning with the idea of doing a long ride, slow but long ride. Sometimes I forget my accident two weeks ago and I think I'm healty now...but suddenly I felt that I must to be very careful.

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    Our tactic was do second lap full gas, break the bunch and Joline and Audrey must to be in front at the end and try to win. On this team, we work all together every time. We know who is the best each race and all other mates work hard for her without hesitation


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